Gweilo 鬼佬 (100ml)


Who’s afraid of the fruity white ghost? You shouldn’t be.

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Strictly limited edition – only 11 bottles made.  It’s the end of the UK chilli season now, and these were the very last batch of White Ghost chillis available, and we managed to secure a small quantity of this relative rarity. It’s not as fiery as its grown-up cousin, the red ghost, meaning we could tone this down a bit and even add some pineapple to make it fruitier.

Why the strange name? Well, Catford Fire grew up in Hong Kong, and “gweilo”, or “white ghost” is a term well-used amongst the locals for Westerners… It was the perfect name.

You know those evenings when you happily consume a whole family bag of tortilla chips and aren’t even sorry? Well, this would make the perfect accompaniment to one of those satisfying events. We kept the ingredients super pared back, allowing the more subtle flavour to shine through, then added a few kaffir lime leaves for taste, before removing them ahead of the blend.

For those of you looking for something lighter, this one’s for you.

Ingredients: Water, white ghost chilli, apple cider vinegar, onion, pineapple, garlic, agave nectar, salt, stabiliser (xanthan gum), lime leaf.

Gluten Free*, Dairy Free, Vegetarian, Vegan.

*Allergy notice: Whilst every effort has been made to avoid known allergens in the preparation of this product, cross-contamination is always a possibility, albeit a very very remote one, and we can never guarantee that our products are completely free of known allergens.

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